Home » SCAM Website — Cloud Mining at the Development Stage SCAM Website — Cloud Mining at the Development Stage HYIP — Original Platform [0.0293% daily for 15 days + 0% RC] HYIP website has been working since November 18, 2019. The platform’s site isn’t like any of the HYIPs that we know, but you can make passive profit on this project. Admin offers investors participation in the cloud mining, which his company is engaged in, according to the official website.


Cryptocoinylimited offers an extremely low interest rate, but the user can pick up the principal 15 days after investing. The project is suitable for people whose central banks don’t allow countries to establish a deposit rate of more than 10% per year in the banking system.

hyip-scams - SCAM Website — Cloud Mining at the Development Stage

Invest in

The platform requires COUPON CODE when registering: HDXY5. User will not get anything from their admin for using this code, but he can get rewards from our team.

In the personal account, the user buys virtual power. The platform combines a cloud mining service and a trader’s office. In the trading section, there is a link to a third-party resource where anyone can see trading signals. I am not sure about the correctness of such signals, but I can recommend the mining section for investment.

Financial Part

To start investing, the user buys a package of TH/s. The minimum investment package price is $100. An investor can buy each of the plans no more than 5 times. The difference in profitability between the first and Test and Basic plans appeared due to the daily maintenance fee of 0.000001 BTC. Don’t worry, I included the commission in the chart profitability calculation.

The system withholds commission from any plan, so the higher the investment package means the higher the package profit. Our team bought a test package for $100 in order to check if the admin paying accruals. Fortunately, this HYIP was paying.

Note! A user can add a wallet only after making a deposit. Investment in the platform has two phases: deposit on the platform; purchase of TH/s.

Since November 18, the project accepts PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. In the future, the admin plans to add Ethereum, BCH, Ripple payment systems. Cloud mining is available in BTC cryptocurrency. Admin also plans to start mining all of five currencies.

The minimum withdrawal amount is no limited. Admin provides instant withdrawals. Investment Portfolios

PlanOfferMin Deposit
Test Plan0.0293% daily for 15 days$100 Per TH/s
Basic Plan0.0733% daily for 30 days$250 Per TH/s
Basic Silver0.1711% daily for 30 days$500 Per TH/s
Silver0.3912% daily for 45 days$1,000 Per TH/s
Silver Gold0.8804% daily for 60 days$2,000 Per TH/s
Gold2.2012% daily for 65 days$5,000 Per TH/s
Gold Platinum4.8917% daily for 75 days$10,000 Per TH/s
Platinum8.0714% daily for 120 days$15,000 Per TH/s
Platinum Diamond11.7403% daily for 180 days$20,000 Per TH/s
Diamond16.1430% daily for 240 days$25,000 Per TH/s
Diamond20.7902% daily for 365 days$50,000 Per TH/s

The admin doesn’t buy other listings, perhaps he will improve the platform at the sleeper stage. During correspondence with him, our team suggested that the admin is not very interested in attracting investors. Perhaps the platform was created to covertly promote sales of trading signals. Affiliate Program

The cryptocoinylimited affiliate program is under development. Users can attract referrals with Coupon Codes. If the referral enters this code in a certain field, for example, HDXY5, he will receive a cash reward from upline. Today our forum and blog is the single unofficial representative of this project in the HYIP area, so users can post reviews on all free investment forums.

Summary HYIP has an extremely small audience of promoters. Their admin doesn’t offer an interesting affiliate program and doesn’t provide a plan for promoting the platform. I think that users should wait for the admin to buy several monitors in order to open their deposits.
  • Unique script.
  • Namecheap hosting.
  • Namecheap DDOS-protection.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo up to September 01, 2020.
  • Namecheap domain registrar up to December 05, 2022
  • $100 minimal deposit.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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