Home » HYIP Check — Review and Comments HYIP Check — Review and Comments HYIP — SCAM or legit? [1.04% - 2.2% hourly for 100 hours + 0.7–10% RC] HYIP company has been working since October 09, 2019. Investment plans have not changed since the start. The platform offers hourly payouts of 50 days thanks to payouts of up to 1% of net profit per day. Such HYIP always attracts the attention of investors in late autumn and early winter. Investors withdraw a principal every 5 days.

According to the website, the platform shares the received money between virtual investment areas. The process of the company resembles trust management.


HYIP community expresses suspicion about the amount of deposits. Platforms without a license are rarely gaining popularity, and joinhour belongs to the ‘black swan’. Or did the administrator increase the amount of deposits artificially? This is the only question related this project at the start of its work. What do you think about this?

Invest in

The UK company JOUR HOUR LTD with 12288100 registration license number presents this investment platform. I can’t believe that HYIP with unlicensed script can paying so ling, but I don’t deny the facts. According to open sources of statistics, the project raised $45,000 in deposits over 50 days and continues to pay dividends.

Financial Part

User can become a participant in an investment proposal using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BCH, BSV, Bankwire. The minimum deposit is $15, which is 50% higher than the standard HYIP area deposit. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1, which doesn’t limit investors with any deposit amount. The platform supports instant withdrawals. Users don’t have to worry if their withdrawals are delayed for two reasons: it will happen at the same time anyway; it may be delayed due to technical problems.

Why Investors Play Minimum Amounts

The lower the investment amount means the greater the percentage of RCBs that monitor admins offer for the first investment.

For example, on Nevomber 28 in this project with a $15 investment, user can get an additional $1.85. This increases investor income by 12.33% in four days or by 3% daily.

If the user invests $150, then he will receive a maximum of $7.65 extra or only 5.1% extra for 4 days.

It is more profitable for a user to invest $15 in 10 projects than $150 in one HYIP. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin Deposit
1.04% - 2.2% hourly for 100 hours$10–10,000
2.3% - 5.6% hourly for 50 hours$350–35,000
24.5% - 37.5% hourly for 20 hours$3,500–350,000

The admin provides interest offers with net daily profit 0.95%, 7%, 390% accordingly. First of all, the investment in the third plan can destroy the project. Don’t make it.

Comparison of the first and second plan shows that it is better for investors with a minimum deposit to look for another project since investments in the second plan will bring much more profit in less time.

I don’t see negative reviews about selective payments, so user can risk with the $350 investment. In this case, the investor will receive $8.05 hourly, and the principle of the deposit will return in 44 hours after the investment.

Our deposit is limited to $200, so we chose the first plan. This limit allows you to keep your head cold. In the end, I also recommend that users choose the first plan. Affiliate Program

The joinhour project has a single affiliate program level. Users can receive 0.7-10% of each their referrals’s deposit.

Our team will pay you back 100% of our referral commission if you are our referral.

Summary HYIP hourly actually offers mid-interest plans with a payback of 5 days. Thanks to this, as well as the admin's marketing policy, the platform will show better results than hourly HYIPs with high-interest offers.
  • UK registration certificate with 12288100 license.
  • Cloudflare hosting.
  • Cloudflare DDOS-protection.
  • SSL from CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 up to October 09, 2020.
  • eNom domain registrar up to July 21, 2021
  • Promo on 40 monitors, 22 forums, 8 blogs
  • GoldCoders NO licensed script.
  • $15 minimal deposit.

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