Home » SCAM — The Invisible Project That Deserved Disclosure SCAM — The Invisible Project That Deserved Disclosure HYIP — Cash Flow Monitoring [2% daily for 5 days + 5% RC] daily HYIP had been working since December 02, 2019. According to the website, the company explores the cash flows of cryptocurrency exchanges, trading mechanisms. Equitex has implemented surveillance experience in a passive income investment platform. HYIP shares the received money for trading on stock exchanges protects user deposits.

hyip-scams - SCAM — The Invisible Project That Deserved Disclosure

The admin says his project can be a great investment practice for young investors. I think experienced HYIP investors will also be able to participate in the project. The result of the experience — positive or negative will depend on the chosen plan.


Equitex is a project with relatively attractive marketing. I don’t understand why the HYIP community didn’t respond to it. The project works 4 days at the time of writing the review, the HYIP is added to 4 listings.

Users have left no comments except payment proofs. The project appeared only on our forum. The invisible HYIP.

I think the project will close quickly without improving marketing. On the other hand, the admin can try aggressive marketing and raise more money in the second half of December. Do you think this is an investment platform failure or a skilled admin strategy?

Invest in

On the About Us section user can load the Equitex Limited certificate about UK registration. Experience has taught me not to trust the .pdf certificates that the admin provides. Let’s manually verify the reality of an offshore company. I checked the number 11738906 on the companieshouse website and find this company there, the same as on the official website.

Marketing of the project allows user to get profit before the critical date — December 23 of this year. If you plan to invest in equitex, then choose either 1st Start or 2nd Smart plan. The minimum investment amounts for these plans are equal.


Financial Part

First of all, users noticed that the project takes minimal investment on any of the plans. In theory, he can get 4.5% daily. In practice, he doesn’t dare to invest in a project with a payback of 23 days. I want to invest in the first or second plan, but next year.

Minimal withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD for payment systems and 0.001 BTC, 0.003 ETH, 0.003 BCH for cryptocurrencies.

The support team provides manual withdrawals up to 48 hours. According to monitors payment proofs, today user can receive their payments within 30 minutes.

Principal returns with last accrual. Investment Portfolios

START2% daily for 5 days
SMART2.5% daily for 15 days
POWER3% daily for 25 days
ENERGY3.5% daily for 35 days$10–50,000
QUANTUM4% daily for 45 days
INFINITE4.5% daily for 55 days

The potential profit of the investor for 5 days can be 10% of the net profit from accruals. I am attracted to the slow marketing of the project. I also like the specifications that users can see in the good / bad sides at the end of the review. I’m not ready to invest in this project, because I want to monitor the actions of the admin.

He added his HYIP to 4 monitors, so he spends about $18 daily on ads. If the project will pay after January 8 of next year, I will also join the number of investors. Affiliate Program

The user should know about their referral program some facts. Equitex provides a single level program without any representative levels.

Admin offers 5% of reward from referral’s deposit. He recommends following the News section — the reward may be increased. I will follow this section and let you know in the forum thread if this happens.

The platform doesn’t require an active deposit to participate.

Summary HYIP is a project with excellent features, but no response. The admin even created the project pages on social networks. You can follow their Twitter news directly from my review.
  • Unique script and template.
  • DDOS-Guard hosting.
  • registrar-servers DDOS-protection.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo.
  • $10 minimal deposit for all offers.
  • NameCheap domain registrar for 1 year.
  • No reaction from real users, but only from monitors.
  • The platform is not represented in any forum.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    This company is a scam
    You cannot invest and end chat and withdraw after your first withdrawal
    The equitex company is a thief that suffers a lot of dirty cheats
    Do not be deceived

    • Anna

      We see that this HYIP is bad from the start, so give to EQUITEX a low score. Thanks for your fast support, I moved it to Scam section.

  2. Anna

    I have invested but cannot withdraw proceeds

  3. Anna

    Blog owner
    I trust and read your blog.
    The sites above are registered with your posts and watching the damage.
    Please post this on your blog as a fraud.
    There are other victims. Please post it to buy it and drop the site.
    I saw your blog and made my friend invest.
    You can’t collect the proceeds.

    • Anna

      Hello, any user can go to HYIP’s forum thread and check an actual status.

  4. Anna

    And I want your comment.


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