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Today’s Overview and Future Outlook for ICO Market

be-in-the-loop - Today's Overview and Future Outlook for ICO Market

HYIP.com blog takes a close look at the current ICO market trends and offers.

be-in-the-loop - Today's Overview and Future Outlook for ICO Market

Last year, more than $ 7 billion were invested in ICOs. Since the beginning of 2019, startups have raised just $ 346 million, according to icodata.io. General decline in interest in ICOs has various sources: the increase in the number of scams, the appearance of IEO, the prohibitions of regulators in different countries and the increase in the number of investors who did not receive the promised funds and lost their investments.

Despite the excitement has died down,  lots of investors still believe in ICOs. However, investors today are more careful in choosing projects. It is quite difficult to surprise someone with a new token or another crypto exchange, so more non-standard projects appear on the market. Banking, education, tourism, medicine, IT, artificial intelligence — blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being implemented in all areas today. 


We have compiled a list of unusual startups that has run an ICO or have already raised funds this year. Bear in mind, we didn’t assess the prospects of these projects, especially since there are no guarantees that they will bring the highest ROI.

On August 4, the Yachtco project, a charter ecosystem and yacht market, run its ICO. Developers want to use the blockchain to unite owners and tenants of boats, yachts, catamarans around the world and create a simple system for booking water transport using internal cryptocurrency. 

This spring, another one ICO was launched by the creators of an immigration platform called Migranet. Their project involves artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, biometrics and blockchain technology. The developers want to simplify the system of filing immigration documents and solve the problems of refugees. 

No one is impressed by a stablecoin  anymore. This is not the case for the token, whose value is tied to the price of whiskey. At the end of this February, the Whisky token ended ICO, raised more than $ 225.000. 

Zero Carbon startup is trying to solve the problem of climate change by using the blockchain. The creators of the project are promoting the idea of zero-carbon energy, offering users to reduce energy costs and make money on Zero Carbon’s internal cryptocurrency. 

Pieta also takes care of nature and climate. This year, developers run ICO with an ecosystem on the blockchain, which allows you to mine cryptocurrency due to solar energy, rather than electricity. The token sale will end this autumn.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are also a subject of interest of the film industry. Last year, the creators of screen adaptation of Victor Pelevin’s novel “Empire V” launched ICO with the Bablos token. The fundraising was finished ahead of schedule, the team raised about 32,000 ETH. Investors will receive the profit after the picture relies. 

The FilmGrid project is also at the ICO stage —- it is a blockchain platform for trading, streaming and financing independent films and TV shows. 

 On August 1, 2019, Virtual Rehab launched an ICO. Its creators use virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for the psychological rehabilitation of people with addictions and mental disorders. Anyone who purchases a VHR token can become a project investor.

Today, there are several ways to help you find interesting ICO projects for investment. 

 ICO Trackers 

Aggregator platforms that collect data on popular ICOs, both completed and upcoming. On such resources, you can find out basic information about the project: price of tokens, the start and end dates of token sales, the country in which the team is based, the blockchain-type used, official website of a project. Many trackers also mark ICOs by the level of risk for investors. 

Here is the list of active trackers: icobench.com, tokenmarket.net, ico-list.com, icobazaar.com, icotracker.net, icodrops.com. 

 ICO Ranking Website

Sites of analytical agencies that use various criteria to assess the effectiveness and prospects of projects for investors.  Such websites often offer expert advice which will help you to choose the right ICO. 

Rating platforms’ list: Icorating, Tokentops, Foundico. 

 ICO Pools

Platforms for collective investments. Typically, such a pool is managed by administrators who select projects and receive interest from the pool’s profits. ICO-pools might be of interest to  investors who are trying to join the top ICO but cannot do it alone. 

Today, there are more than 200 open pools, popular and proven platforms are available on icopools.io. Information on just launched and upcoming ICOs can also be found on thematic forums, in telegram channels, groups in social networks, and specialized media.

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