Home » SCAM – Most Detailed Review Investor Can Receive SCAM – Most Detailed Review Investor Can Receive HYIP With Good and Bad Sides [3.5% Weekly For 30 Days + 2% RC] HYIP website registered on November 30, 2017. According to their website, Century Trust LTD is a financial corporation in microfinance global area. They cooperate with microfinance organizations from all over the world. They position themselves as connecting links in private capital and microfinance capital network. So, Century Trust is not a creditor, but the supplier of microfinance service. The company promises that all deposits will generate a profit from the first day.

hyip-scams - SCAM – Most Detailed Review Investor Can Receive

The client can check all balance changes in the online mode. He also will receive detailed reports in his e-mail weekly. The investor has not only financial benefits but social. He invests in the development of Third World countries. This information on the main page looks as the admin is from Third World country and investors help him personally by depositing.

The Century Trust works with dozens microfinance companies from all the world. It provides diversification between financial markets from USA to India. It is a great idea about join financial organization to the global network.


I cannot find any active discussion in open sources, so let’s go. This company have non-attractive plans for HYIP industries, but I think that it is a great project to deposit.

Every week I catch some complaints to hourly HYIPs, which go to the scam before the user receive a profit. If investor want to give more chances to making a profit in HYIPs, he must invest in stable projects firstly.

Century Trust paying more than TWO years. It is not so stable as a Solid Trade or our website, but it can user his first profit.

Invest in

The project worked more than two years. Despite the long stable work Century Trust company support is online. I forgot my password and create a ticket. They send me a new password within one day. The project also paying and investors can check this in forum thread.

The company also allow an early withdrawal of principal in two plans. The client will pay 100% of interest paid penalty in this case, but receive his money back.

Financial Part

The investor can deposit via Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Payeer, Voucher. He need to verified the account to use Bank Transfer method. He also need to contact center to enable this function. In addition, there is a $500 of minimal withdrawal for this method.

The depositor can pay attention for Bitcoin ($1 or 0.0001225 BTC minimal withdrawal) or Payeer ($1 minimal withdrawal) payment method, where is no the account confirmation. There is no fee for withdrawal, but pay attention in a current system BTC rate for calculate your real benefit.

But if investor want to use Bank Transfer, then he must know that investment plans are enable for both Individual and Business accounts.

Note: Take a look at Dashboard section after deposit in The system has an auto income reinvested option. The user can change it in the Income Distribution section. The changes will take effect immediately, while downward changes take one week to come into effect. Investment Portfolios

PlanMinimal DepositTerm
Dreamfrom $103.5% weekly 30 days
Alphafrom $1004.5% weekly 60 days
Alpha Plusfrom $1006% weekly 120 days

If investor want invest $200 in, he can choose any of offers because of the benefit of early withdrawal is not so attractive.

The user can receive a $28 net profit from Dream plan (3.5% weekly). He will receive $72 from Alpha plan (4.5% weekly) and $204 from Alpha Plus (6% weekly). I cannot find the information about principal back conditions. Affiliate Program

There are three elements in the partner program:

Referral link — the user can receive it after the registration. He doesn’t need an active deposit to attracting referrals;

Affiliate levels — the participant will receive one point every $1,000 amount attracted. His level will increase every ten points or $10,000 accordingly. The bonuses are enable not only for referral’s deposits, but also for subreferral’s investments. For example, the user in the first level will receive 2% from direct referral investment and 0.5% from second and third line referrals.

Second level: 6% from direct referral, 1% from both second and third levels;

Third level: 7% from direct referral, 2% from second, 1% from third levels and 0.5% from fourth levels.

Vouchers for demo. The partner that collect at least one point without active investment can issue up to twenty pieces of $10 vouchers for test the system work. It accruals is not enable to withdrawals.

Pay attention that the user can withdraw his principal at any time with a 100% accruals penalty. It is enabled only for Dream and Alpha plans, but not for Alpha Plus. The investor will receive his deposit minus payment system fee. I bring your attention back to the fact that we are the first thematic blog to open this thread for discussion. Other bloggers can bypass this project because of unattractive plans. I recommend learning this HYIP’s history in more detail. I recommend again and again to start with long-term investment projects because they are ABC of the HYIP area. I have at least 50% of long-term HYIPs in my investment portfolio.
  • The quality website with a unique template.
  • Vitalwerks Internet Solutions domain registrar up to April 07, 2020.
  • $10 minimal deposit.
  • hosting.
  • DDOS-protection.
  • Minimal activity in thematic forum discussions.
  • The user doesn’t have any detailed info about withdrawal conditions in the FAQ.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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