Home » SCAM – Hurry Up to Grab Bonus For Registration SCAM – Hurry Up to Grab Bonus For Registration HYIP – Pseudo Cloud Mining Review [0.65%-0.75% For a Lifetime + 5% - 2% RC] HYIP has been working since 25th July 2019. According to the website, Uniex is cloud mining company, which offers cloud mining services.

hyip-scams - SCAM – Hurry Up to Grab Bonus For Registration

The cloud mining means that the user invests in the program using a personal account and receiving the passive income in real-time. He doesn’t need to buy a unit of mining equipment but only place the deposit. We can find both videos and photos of Uniex mining servers on the main Live section.

The company’s website is not so good in personal account part. I see errors every time within withdrawal. Anyway, it doesn’t case on withdrawal processing.


Despite a free bonus offer, there are few investment forums, which discuss the Uniex. The silence around the projects doesn’t mean that he has no investors. I saw a guide where the active user shows how to share Installed power between cryptocurrencies’ mining. I set Bitcoin mining to 100% of power for simpler withdrawal process. What rates did you set?

Invest in

The early investor already receives a net profit. It is not a case to ignore Uniex because they launch a new offer recently. Seems company spend investor’s money to buy new equipment.

All users with active deposit receive additionally 30 GH for FREE.

Financial Part

The Uniex accepts Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Syscoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Litecoin.

The minimal deposit depends on a kind of e-wallet: $5, 0.05 ETH, 0.25 ETH Classic, 0.001 BTC, 0.015 BCH, 5 Peercoin, 0.1 LTC, 400 Digibyte, 50 Syscoin, 1000 Doge. It is a minimal amount for both deposit and exchange – the user can exchange received accruals without fees on the main Dashboard page.

The minimal withdrawal amount also depends on the kind of e-wallet: USD 2, Ethereum 0.05, Ethereum Classic 0.5, Bitcoin 0.001, Bitcoin Cash 0.01, Peercoin 3, Litecoin 0.1, Digibyte 300, Syscoin 100, Dogecoin 1000. The admin provides manual withdrawals within 48 hours. I receive my funds within one-day after request last time.

Paid Listings

The Uniex has listings on 15 monitors, 17 forums, 2 blogs. I saw problem statuses on reliable monitors, but now the Uniex has a Paying status on all of them.

I think the status problem existed due to problems in the design of a personal account. The system displays an error during the payment withdrawal, even though the request goes to the administrator according to the actual rules.

Uniex Affiliate Program

Admin created a three-level affiliate part with a total percentage reward of 11% (7–3–1% gradation). User doesn’t need an active deposit to participate in the reward program. This platform also provides free quality banners for promotion.

This project can be advertised in social networks, as in specialized forums the community of experienced investors will not accept it and the promoter will only waste time. Online Mining Farm Offers

The user can buy any of power algorithm on invested money:

OfferPriceMinimal Hashrate to Buy
SCRYPT$0.075 for 1 MH/s40 MH/s
SHA-256$0.017 for 1 GH/s100 GH/s
ETHASH (Grand Opening Sales)$0.075 for 1 MH/s40 MH/s

Investor’s income variety from 0.65% to 0.75%. It depends on numbers of hashrates purchased:

Daily Interest RatePieces of HashratesPrice For SHA-256Price For ETHASH/SCRYPT

The SHA-256 algorithm is most profitable. The calculator placed on the main page.

I deposited $10 a few days after a start. My principal is returned, so I still receive a net profit for a lifetime.

If the user placed $200 deposit, he will receive from $2 to $8 daily for a lifetime.

Summary HYIP with the idea of mining cryptocurrency seems realistic. I can not only read about all the mining equipment but also see it in the photo and video. The design is made with high quality, despite errors in the withdrawal of funds. I received a net profit and am satisfied with the project because I will receive accruals for a lifetime. For new investors, the admin has provided a fresh plan.
  • The original template on EcHYIP script.
  • DDOS-Guard hosting.
  • e-ns DDOS-protection.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • PublicDomainRegistry domain registration up to 19th June, 2020.
  • $5 minimal deposit.
  • Manual withdrawals within 48 hours.
  • During the withdrawal errors occur, but it doesn’t affect the money flow.
  • $2 minimal withdrawal.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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