Home » HYIP – Sleeper’s Biography Included in Review HYIP – Sleeper’s Biography Included in Review HYIP – Mid-Term Game With A Promoter’s Big Reward [2.1% Daily for 20 Days + 1% RC] HYIP has been working since 19th December 2018 as a sleeper. The admin makes redesign on 20th January 2020. Today Bityoung looks as ddfuture. The experienced users remember the last programs of this admin – he always gives the net profit to early investors in all his programs, which we are posted in our blog. Anyway, this time may be a differing strategy. I don’t know the unsuccessful projects of this admin, but I could be wrong too. Let’s read the review and make your own decision.

hyip-scams - HYIP – Sleeper’s Biography Included in Review

According to the website, Bityoung project is about operating liquid cryptocurrency. It experiences access to receive a stable profit, so the company opens the doors for investors from all over the world.

I never look seriously at their information, because it exists not for experienced investors. I know, such users are more interested in financial statistics. Bityoung company has been paying 1.3% daily for 25 days. The early investor could receive about 516% of the net profit (-$10 of non-refundable security deposit) in case of continuous reinvestment of principal.


We see Bityoung on the DTM forum firstly on 20th December 2018 – the day after the start. The users don’t take seriously this program as all new sleepers on New Year holidays. They also were scared by high interest rate. Some of user even consider Bityoung program as a donor for a most successful admin’s project. What do you think about it?

Invest in

Bityoung got a full pack of registration’s documents. The user can find a link on the company’s page on Companies House website with UK registaration, certificate of incorporation, proposed officers, memorandum of association of the company. It is a little thing, which helps us to see a high level quality of the HYIP.

Financial Part

The Bityoung accepts only PerfectMoney.

The minimal deposit is $10. The admin provides accruals on calendar days.

The minimum deposit to withdraw is $0.21. The admin provides manual processing of withdrawals within 48 hours.

Notice: the support works in standard mode, I mean the admin start the answer to the user’s questions.

Promotional Nuances

The admin used a few ways to increase his project lifetime.

Firstly, he started as a sleeper before HYIPs’ holidays. Nobody of experienced investors will place a deposit with expiring time on the New Year.

Secondly, he didn’t provide withdrawals to all monitors within one year. We can take this time away in the profitability formula.

Finally, he bought promotional packages on all influence monitors. All of them show the Paying status on the day of writing the review.

We need to consider this HYIP not as a sleeper, but as a new program. Investment Plans

1.3% Daily For 25 DaysReturnInactive since 20th January, 2020
2.1% Daily For 35 DaysReturnActive
2.5% Daily For 35 DaysReturnActive
3.5% Daily For 55 DaysReturnActive
655% After 25 DaysIncludedActive
1500% After 45 DaysIncludedActive
3600% After 60 DaysIncludedActive
6500% After 90 DaysIncludedActive
16000% After 160 DaysIncludedActive

According to a profit calculator, minimum amount to deposit is $10 for only 2.1% Daily For 20 Days plan. The minimum investment amounts for other deposits starts from $7,000.

We deposited $200 on the first plan and will receiving $4.2 daily. The user doesn’t need place any security deposit, so the HYIP has become fine on active stage. Affiliate Program

The users can join affiliate program. It is available one for active investors. The user need to place at least $10 to open access in partner’s program. The admin offers 1% 5%-2%-1% (increased on 17th February 2020)  reward from every referral’s deposit.

Summary HYIP offers plans on conditions, where investors need to be fast. I don't like such conditions. My review could help investors make the right decision. I think I could receive a profit one time. After this, my chances to make a profit will decrease to 60%.
  • GoldCoders licensed script
  • DDOS-Guard hosting
  • DDoS-guard DDoS-protection
  • EV SSL from DigiCert
  • NameCheap domain registration up to 18th December 2029
  • Manual withdrawals within 48 business hours.
  • Problems with withdrawals in the past.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    Please how can I join bityoung. Net affiliate program

    • Anna

      Just click on the Invest in Bityoung button and register.


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