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helen HYIP has been working since 18th February 2020. According to the website, Helen company deals with cryptocurrency mixing services through the anonymous TOR network. The company’s customers hide transactions of large amounts in cryptocurrency. Payment anonymization service takes a large commission.

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The same IP was used in Kickstartup HYIP website. That project worked for 129 days. This provided early investors with 258% profit. maybe, Kickstartup and Helen HYIPs has a same admin.


Helen HYIP starts promotion from unpopular websites, so we cannot receive any predictions. Я I can assume that early investors will talk about a strange design with unreadable colors. They should also note that the administrator actually gave investors complete freedom with respect to the disposal of their investment. The user can take the deposit after calculating the first profit, but will not do it because of the bonuses that the admin offers for holding the deposit for a long period.

Invest in

Helen website has unique FAQ. The admin explains why his company can work for a long time. He plans to invest in the project’s marketing in order to encourage big players to create new deposits in the project.

The ability to pick up principle at any time without a commission is the main advantage of the project.

Financial Part

Helen program accepts deposits via PerfectMoney, Bitcoin. BTC rate is fixed and equal $ 5,000.

A minimum amount of withdrawal is $ 0.1 for Perfect Money and $ 10 in BTC. The principal included in lifetime offers, but can be withdrawn after first accruals without any fees.

The type of withdrawals depends on the SAFES type: up to 24 hours for Standard, up to 12 hours for Profitable Safes, instant for Big, automatically for VIP. In total, the project accepts features for big investors. The investors which have up to $ 200 deposit (the most part of members) have no features and will receive their accruals in manual mode up to 24 hours. Investment Map

PlanSpent AmountInterest Rate
Standard Safes$ 20 - $ 2001% - 1.3% Per Day
Profitable Safes$ 500 - $ 10,0001.4% - 1.7% Per Day
Big Safes$ 15,000 - $ 100,0000.08% - 0.11% Per Hour
VIP Safes$ 0.2m - $ 2.5m0.12% - 0.15% Per Hour

There are many financial bonuses. Detail conditions user can find in additional section below.
If the user placed $ 20, he will be receiving $ 0.2 daily for a lifetime.

The admin provides no limitations in affiliate marketing. The program has a promotion on three investment forums, one listing on the monitor on the first day after the launch.

Seems, the admin has no great reserves, as he writes in FAQ section. He orders single Premium listing. Let’s see how he will promotion his HYIP this week. Affiliate Program

The admin provides a single level affiliate program. A partner’s reward depends on the investment plan, which his referral will choose:

  • 1% for Standard, Profitable;
  • 2% for BIG;
  • 08% for VIP.

The user doesn’t need an active deposit to participate in the affiliate program.

Periodic Bonus

Investment conditions are unique for this program. I search for reasons, which will be to hold deposits of early investors in the project. This is a guarantee of stability and quality marketing at the start. It is also the guarantee of taking a net profit by me, as an early investor.

Firstly, the admin opened his website on the one IP with HYIP, which get about 150% of the net profit for early investors.

Secondly, periodic bonuses:

  • STANDARD SAFES – 1%/1.1%/1.2%/1.3% every 22 days;
  • PROFITABLE SAFES – 2% every 20 days/2.3% every 18 days/2.6% every 16 days/2.9% every 14 days;
  • BIG SAFES – no;
  • VIP SAFES – no.

Finally, this HYIP provides original investment conditions.

This is enough to decide on an independent investment.

Summary provides original conditions, which could be interesting for the HYIP community. I recommend place deposits only on Standard safes. I will wait until the bonus is awarded if the admin purchases listings to attract quality traffic. Otherwise, I recommend taking your principal early and fixing profits.
  • GoldCoders licensed script
  • DDOS-Guard hosting, DDOS-protection.
  • Sectigo SSL.
  • NameCheap domain registration up to 16th February 2022.
  • $10 minimal deposit.
  • Manual withdrawals up to 24 hours.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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