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Opixt SCAM: Solidtradebank Analogy

Opixt HYIP After First Redesign [0.17% on Business Days for 30 Days, 1% RC]

Opixt HYIP has been working since August 01, 2019. At first, it starts with a standard GoldCoders template. Admin didn’t spend money on a quality template. I checked deposit statistics: the investors despite this HYIP with money up to redesign on November 17, 2019. Until this date, we could only see lonely deposits, maybe from the owners of monitors. I give this date as a real date of start.

hyip-scams - Opixt SCAM: Solidtradebank Analogy

According to the website, Opixt HYIP offers the highest investment rates as for the current cautious company strategy. The project team makes trading activities, and also offers users to invest in their activities with minimal risk.

The description is fair in this part because of the lower the percentage in the project – Opixt is a low-interest HYIP – the higher a chance that the admin will pay longer in time.


The project offered low profits on the standard template, so I did not expect high ratings from the HYIP community. Moreover, I already saw the statistics of deposits before the redesign.

The first thing I noticed was a mismatch in the statistics of deposits and payment proofs. Users wrote that they invested and showed proofs in text. I admit that the multimonitor scripts are not perfect.

I smiled when I saw a link to solidtradebank, since both projects are at completely different levels even after the redesign of Opixt. One of the investors wrote that he sees the potential in the project, but I do not understand how he could see the potential in the project on the standard template. It seemed to me that this investor is the admin of the project.

Do you have payment proofs?

Invest in Opixt

Opixt paying 122 days after redesign at the moment of writing the review. This HYIP received a unique template after redesign.

Some Facts for a Potential Investor

The duration of the project depends on the amount of investment that it will collect. I chose this project for review because it exists on the HYIP market for a long time and offers a low percentage. From a subjective point of view, the bad side of the project is that it has not a registration button on the start page. I used the login – registration menu to access my personal account for the first time.

The admin took some text from INCLOUDE HYIP. This project was successful, but plagiarism is bad. Despite this, the interface page in the personal account is convenient, it is conducive to investment. At the time of writing, Opixt has raised $ 9,300. Admin received the most part of the investments after the redesign.

Financial Part

Opixt program accepts investments via only Perfect Money.

The system charges 0.17% every calendar day. The user might think that he will receive payments only after 30 days, but he will receive and could withdraw accruals daily. After 30 days he will receive principal back.

The investor will receive his principal back only on calendar day. The minimum amount to request a withdrawal is $ 1. The admin provides withdrawals on manual mode from 3 hours up to 3 days.

Single Opixt Investment Offer

PlanSpent Amount
105.00% After 30 Days$ 10 - $ 500,000

I don’t think that someone invests more than $ 1,000 at a time in a project with 5% monthly marketing. It would be possible if the project had many active investors and worked since 2013 as solidtradebank.

The investor with $ 200 deposit will receive 5% or $ 10 after the month the same as in solidtradebank.

This project has a listing on 11 monitors, 29 forums.

Opixt Affiliate Program

The member could take part in affiliate program with single level and 1% of promised reward.

Opixt HYIP admin offers both low accruals rate and referral commission. It means, he will not attract a lot of investments. I think admin preparing a new marketing strategy right now.
  • GoldCoders licensed script.
  • Cloudflare hosting.
  • Cloudflare DDoS-protection.
  • CloudFlare SSL.
  • NameCheap domain registration up to 16th July 2020.
  • $ 10 minimal deposit.
  • Manual withdrawals up to 3 days.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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