Home » HYIP for Double Investments HYIP for Double Investments HYIP With Trading Packages [0.5% - 0.25% DLY up to 200% Profit, 10% R.C.] HYIP has been working since 30th January, 2020. Our team added first project’s review in our investment forum on 09th April, 2020.

hyip-scams - HYIP for Double Investments

According to the website, the Praetorian Group International provides investors with passive profit thanks to an innovative business model. Investors can buy Trading Packages, which will generate profit in the passive mode, until the total user income is 200% of the investment amount.


The project has just started, because investors have not yet had time to discuss it. I see a unique template and a convenient personal account.

The administrator offers plans with an increased amount of the minimum deposit, so newcomers to the HYIP industry are unlikely to open deposits. The project was created more for old players. What do you think about this?

Invest in HYIP website started from the United States. The project has a unique IP address. The platform script is also unique.

Financial Part HYIP accepts only Bitcoin. This payment system is equally convenient for residents of any country. The minimum amount to purchase a package is $ 119: $ 100 — the price of a Silver package, $ 19 – software fee.

According to Pgiglobal’s promo, investors earn a profit of 0.25% to 0.5% daily. The real statistics of our team displays a profitability of 0.97% – 1.67% daily. Users can see their statistics on daily accrual rates on the Dashboard — Active Trading Agreement.

The investment is valid until the investor receives a double amount from the investment back. According to the size of the daily rate, the payback period of the investment is 400-200 days, and the working time of the deposit is 800-400 days.

The admin provides withdrawal process every Monday at 12 am -11 pm PST. The users will receive their money within 24 hours after requesting a withdrawal. Investment Packages

PlanSpent Amount
Silver 100/300/500package fee $ 100/300/500, software fee $ 19
Gold 1000/5000/10000package fee $ 1,000/5,000/10,000, software fee $ 19
Platinum 20000/50000/100000package fee $ 20,000/50,000/100,000, software fee $ 19
Titanium 500000package fee $ 500,000, software fee $ 19

The investor is not so much free in choosing a deposit amount. He can choose only package. He also has to pay extra $ 19 as a software fee for any package. Most likely, the company is engaged in trading and buys trading analysis for a software fee.

The admin has just started an advertising campaign on our resource, so he doesn’t have other listings at the time of creating a review. Affiliate Program

The program provides two parts of affiliate rewards: binary system, referral program. The admin pays 10% from every referral’s deposit back to upline. He also gives some bonuses from binary genealogy, but I have no find any detail information.

Investment Platform Announcements

A feature of the platform is the regular publication of announcements of work with the platform. Here are the latest ones:

  • From April 1, 2020, bonuses begin to accrue within 72 hours after activation of the account.
  • The administration recommends checking the BTC wallet info before ordering a payment. The project team will not be able to change the wallet address in the payment process. The user can do this on his own in a personal account.
  • Binary Bonus is not credited to the internal account during open withdrawal request. The platform will send the bonus amount to the internal account immediately after processing the user request.
  • The user can change the password for a personal account independently as well.

I recommend checking the announcements every time you enter the platform.

Summary HYIP is about passive income on Trading Packages. The company offers mid-interest rates within 400-800 days. The platform could be a good part of HYIP portfolio. I expect it give at least 50% of the net profit since the start.
  • Unique template.
  • Websitewelcome hosting.
  • pgi-ti DDoS-protection.
  • Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA.
  • GoDaddy domain registration up to 30th January 2021.
  • Minimal investment is $ 119.
  • Manual withdrawals on Mondays.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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