Home » SCAM Accepts Bitcoin Only SCAM Accepts Bitcoin Only HYIP Details And Reviews [0.25% HRLY for 60 days, R.C. 5%-3%-2%] HYIP has been working since 10th April 2020. We receive the first payment proof on 23rd April 2020. This happened the day after adding a review to the investment forum.

hyip-scams - SCAM Accepts Bitcoin Only

The project offers highly profitable offers of 6% daily. The admin has not yet started the active promotion of HYIP on monitors. Investors could create a deposit at the start to cherry-pick.

According to the website, the project team buys cryptocurrency cheaper and sells more expensive. Unique cryptocurrency rate prediction algorithms allow you to generate profit in conditions of market instability.


The project started recently. HYIP’s admin continues to improve the investment platform. He is in no hurry to launch aggressive marketing ads. Insiders said that the project owner is ready for long-term work, so we recommend that users follow the payment proofs in the forum.

How much net profit do you think the administration will give us, as early investors?

Invest in HYIP admin improves platform security so that investor’s money is kept safe. New users join the platform every hour. According to the admin emails, he plans to give early investors net profit.

This is a fresh project! Experienced investors join highly profitable projects in the middle of his work. Thanks to timing, they get a net profit before scam. This HYIP will be a great option for investors who have reached the recommended maximum limit in all reliable projects with low interest rate.

Financial Part HYIP accepts only Bitcoin.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0008 BTC. The investor needs at least a 0.014 BTC deposit to receive daily withdrawals.

Notice: the investor will pay a 0.0004 BTC fee for each withdrawal. The commission reduces the investor’s return to 3% daily. This will keep investors from daily withdrawals.

The admin promises and provides instant withdrawals in Bitcoin. We receiving batches immediately after creating a withdrawal request. The admin provides technical work to improve security for some time at the start, which did not touch the investors’ profit. Repair works ended before the time to order the next withdrawal. Investment Offers

The admin offers a single plan. The investor cannot receive the principal в deposit operation period — 60 days from the activation of the deposit. Within 60 days, the user could get 260% of the net profit or 130% of net profit monthly.

PlanSpent Amount
0.25% HRLY for 60 DaysFrom 0.001 BTC (about $ 7.11 at the day of writing the review)

This project is suitable for professional investors. We do not recommend investing around $ 2,400 to claim the profit every hour. It would be difficult for both the investor and the admin. The approximate profit of the investor per day is about 6%, so the user could open a deposit of 0.014 BTC (about $ 100 – $ 120). Our team has a deposit in this amount. This little investment will allow you to withdraw money once time every day.

The project admin started marketing promotion from our platform. When he begins aggressive promotion, the chance of a net profit will decrease to 50%. Affiliate Program

speedbit provides a three-level affiliate program. The upline could receive 5%-3%-2% of reward. He doesn’t need an active deposit to receive rewards.

Summary HYIP admin always improves the project. He is in no hurry to start aggressive marketing. In similar situation, early investors often make a net profit. From the moment of writing a review to the launch of an aggressive marketing campaign, users can become the very mythical early investors who take away all the net profit.
  • Unique script with landing page as main interface.
  • Microsoft Azure hosting.
  • Domaincontrol DDoS-protection.
  • Microsoft IT TLS CA 5 valid from 24 Sep, 2019 to 24 Sep, 2021 - Microsoft Corporation SSL
  • GoDaddy domain registration up to 30 March 2021.
  • The optimal investment is about $ 100.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    my account is now zero…. all earnings gone…. also the initial investment….scam website…


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