Home » HYIP: How-to-Understand That Investing in a Redesigned Sleeper Will Be Profitable HYIP: How-to-Understand That Investing in a Redesigned Sleeper Will Be Profitable HYIP: One More Sleeper on the Boxing Ring [101.5% after 1 day, 1% RC] HYIP has been working since 16th March 2020 as a sleeper. At the time of writing, the platform pays more than three months. Two days ago, the project was redesigned, so investors began massively checking the history of the HYIP. They must make a quick investment decision after assessing the potential risk. Sleeping projects after the redesign are most attractive on the market since the admin usually gives a high profit to early investors. In the article below we will provide all the information necessary for analysis, as well as make our result.

hyip-scams - HYIP: How-to-Understand That Investing in a Redesigned Sleeper Will Be Profitable

According to the website, company specialists trade on the Forex market. Their strategy is based on the Fibonacci extension tool. The Fibonacci sequence theory allows the trader to find the most correctly points for buying and selling currency to make a profit.


I looked the early discussions of the project when it did not yet have a current template. Some users had problems with payments, because according to the rules, they had to get paid up to 12 business hours, and received money only on the 4th day after creating the withdrawal request. I checked this information on the dates on the calendar. I did not find reasons for panic, because the user made a request for withdrawal on Thursday, obviously outside the working hours, and received payment on Monday. It turns out that the user received the payment by the rules. So, the project had no problems with payments during the work as a sleeper.

After the redesign, the deposit plans stay the same, only the admin added more payment systems. Do you think this project will work another 30 days?

Invest in HYIP has been offer fast plans since the start. A few days ago it just redesigned. According to multimonitor statuses, this HYIP already collected about $ 5,000.

Financial Part HYIP accepts not only Perfect Money, but also Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin after the redesign.

Minimal amount to withdraw is no limited. The support provides manual withdrawals up to 72 business hours. It does not take any fees.

The main financial decision for the user is to be or not to be. And when to be, if yes. Most of the sleepers after the redesign give profit to early investors. It means users who have opened a deposit from one to five days after the redesign. On the other hand, you need to check the quality of work of such a sleeper only if he has not already paid for two years.

Fibotrade paid for three months with the same fast plans, as on the sleeper stage. Early investors could receive about 140% of net profit and use only profit for receiving new interests. Investment Plans

The admin provides both VIP and standard plans.

OfferSpent Amount, USD
101.5% - 103% after 1 day$ 10 - $ 200,000
120% - 350% after 1 week$ 10 - $ 200,000
160% - 700% after 2 weeks$ 10 - $ 200,000
250% - 1500% after 1 month$ 10 - $ 200,000
600% - 5000% after 3 months$ 10 - $ 200,000

I do not think we all have a time to look at unpromising VIP plans, so if my reader is so curious, he can find them on the site or under the spoiler in the forum thread.

User with $ 100 deposit can receive $ 101.5 after one day. I hope this HYIP will work more than 30 days after publishing the review. In that case, the early investors could receive about 45% of the net profit. Affiliate Program

The admin offers a single level of affiliate program. The reward rate based on the deposit plan of the referral. It is from 1% for first plan and 10% for VIP plans. The most of user will be choose the first plan, so the actual reward for upliners is just 1%.

Summary HYIP has been working long, so we, as early investors can count on net profit. The project has the normal quality to receive the user’s decision to create a deposit at this stage — after the redesign. Despite this, of course, there is always a risk of loss in HYIP.
  • The domain name was registered for three years on a relatively old domain name.
  • DDOS-Guard from strongns and hosting, which is a guarantee of protection of user accounts from hacking due to the fault of the administration.
  • Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 13 Mar 2020 to 14 Mar 2021 - Sectigo Limited.
  • A long time of work as the sleeper.
  • Issues with payments at the start of work provided the project with a place in doubtful HYIPs on some investment forums even after fixing all the problems.
  • Very long term of withdrawal. On the one hand, this shows the administrator’s uncertainty about the ability to cover all requests for withdrawal from the project. On the other hand, it protects early investors from too fast scam.
  • Low rate of affiliate reward, which is only 1%.
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