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Russia Unbans Telegram

Russian authorities have unblocked the encrypted messaging platform Telegram auafter a two-year-long battle.
news - Russia Unbans Telegram

Russian authorities have unblocked the encrypted messaging platform Telegram after a two-year-long battle. Roskomnadzor, which succeeded the KGB as Russia’s communications watchdog, said that the ban was lifted because the app’s founder, Pavel Durov, was now prepared to moderate and remove extremist propaganda from the platform. 

news - Russia Unbans Telegram

Alexander Gorbunov, a crypto trader and author of the popular political blog, StalinGulag, hailed the unblocking of the encrypted messaging platform as an ideological victory. 

Back in 2018, A Moscow court imposed the ban on Telegram, after its founder, Pavel Durov refused to cooperate with the authorities and share encryption keys, which would have given them access to users’ data. However, Russians found a way to get around the ban and access the platform. 

As a reminder, this May, Telegram abandoned its crypto project, with its founder Pavel Durov blaming the US court for seeking to crush any attempt at decentralization to maintain its global financial dominance. The US Securities Exchange Commission had forced Telegram to end its TON project after several court hearings since October last year. 

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