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China Recognizes Two Blockchain Jobs as Official Occupations

Chinese government has included blockchain jobs to its official list of occupations.
news - China Recognizes Two Blockchain Jobs as Official Occupations

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has included blockchain-related jobs to the official list of occupations, which is numbering 1838 officially recognized occupations.

Now the list includes “Blockchain Engineer” and “Blockchain Application Operator”. The list by the ministry defines ‘Blockchain Engineer’ as someone that works on architecture design, programming, system application, and testing.

The occupation list is updated on an annual basis with new professions added as the economy evolves and new industries emerge. For instance, 2019’s edition, added ‘eSport Athlete’ and ‘Drone Pilot’ to the directory.

Chinese companies remain relatively proactive and bullish on blockchain adoption despite the ongoing global pandemic, according recent survey published in Xinhua. According to the survey, 70% of the companies tend to think blockchain technology will be thriving during and after the global pandemic and will keep up the bullish attitude for a long time. 

As a reminder, since the beginning of this year, 714 blockchain firms have entered the market in China, according to cryptocurrency data firm LongHash on Jan. 26. From 2009–17, the annual number of founded blockchain firms remained relatively static, before a notable jump upward in 2018.

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