Home » HYIP — Profit on Passive Trading HYIP — Profit on Passive Trading HYIP has been working since 15th July 2020. According to the website, the Coinoma team uses different trading bots to receiving a profit. The user, who want to receive a net profit and do not want to take care of purchasing a reliable trading bot, pay for the remote working server and servers for permanent trading. Or users who are not yet ready to spend $ 1,000 starting capital for automatic trading can use the services of this investment platform.

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Reliable trading bots provide an 8-20% net profit per month, while Coinoma offers a 40% net profit. The company probably uses algorithms with Martingale elements, which can sometimes be pure gambling. Especially for a small deposit. The trader cannot use the Martingale strategy with a $ 20 deposit but can try with $ 1,000 and more. Coinoma team already collect more than $ 4,000 at the moment of writing the review. Perhaps this is just the story of a pure HYIP.


Users discuss the investment plans of the project since it is not entirely clear how much profit the investors will receive. They also noted the good technical characteristics from the launch of the platform. The admin has opened up a great platform so investors can look forward to profits. What day do you think is the best day to invest in a project?

Invest in HYIP was registered in the UK under license number 12578738. Users can check the authenticity of documents by following the link on the official website. The project’s template is high-quality, it immediately gives a lot of positive emotions. This attracts newbies who often create a deposit on emotions. So, the project will be popular during the advertising campaign by the admin.

Financial Part

Let’s join Coinoma HYIP using PerfectMoney or Payeer payment systems. The user can also use a large wide of cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash.

Minimal amount to withdraw is $ 1 for Payeer and PerfectMoney and $ 3 for cryptocurrency. It is a reason why we recommend to invest $ 50 and more. In this case, the investor could place withdrawal requests every day. Anyway, always remember about risks. If the user cannot deposit $ 50 to provide daily withdrawals, he must find other HYIP to avoid risks.

Please notice, the platform has an instant payout type. The users receive money from Coinoma HYIP within a few seconds (or they receiving batches for cryptocurrency, which accept the start of the transaction. Investment Plan

Investment OfferDeposit AmountRecommended
7% daily for 30 business days$20 - $100000$50
The user will receive accrual only on business days within 30 calendar days. For example, if he invested on July 20th, he will receive the last accrual on August 20th. It means 20-22 accruals from Monday to Friday within the total deposit term.

As the principal included, the investor’s net profit will be not 140-154%, but only 40-54%. So, if the user will deposit $ 50, he will receive $ 20 of the profit during 30 calendar days. His $ 50 principal included in accruals too.

I remind that all HYIPs with accrual rates up to – 3-4% per day are relatively stable. So, Coinoma = 54%/30 calendar days = 1.8% daily = stable mid-interest HYIP. Affiliate Program

Talk a bit about a way to earn in Coinoma HYIP without any financial resources, but only the user’s time. As he was sure that this HYIP is a good choice for investments, he could offer other users to participate.

The admin offers a 5%-1%-1% reward from referral’s deposits. We recommend depositing $ 50 and more and the average deposit amount is about $ 50. So, The upline will receive about $ 2.5 from every conversion. Conversion means if the investor will use the user’s referral link to registering and deposit.

The main user will receive about $ 0.5 from every deposit of his referral’s referral and his referral too. There is a three-level affiliate program.

Coinoma HYIP has a good template, so the user can invest using only his emotions as the main analyzing tool. Turn off emotions! By the way, it is HYIP with mid-interest rate. It also has both good tech chars and template. Coinoma is a quality HYIP. Such kind of HYIP has average chances t give profit. Which ways to turn off emotions do you know?
  • Unique template with detailed FAQ, other information parts.
  • EV SSL from DigiCert costs too much, and the HYIP community likes if admin spends money on platform development.
  • Hosting from DDos-Guard provider, not from Noname cheapest service.
  • The domain name was registered for two years. It appears two and a half months before the HYIP launch.
  • GoldCoders licensed script is a bad side a little bit. Some users may decide that HYIP with EV SSL could also have a unique script. But let's read below.
  • There are no external services of DDoS-protection. I herd that for HYIP with unique templates this automatically means financial losses. But to for HYIPs on licensed GoldCoders script.
  • The admin offers an increased user's portfolio of investments at least to $ 20. It would be great if he will decrease this amount to $ 10.
  • In the case above, the investor will be glad to see decreasing the minimum withdrawal amount to $ 0.7 for both USD and cryptocurrency.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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