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Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

As is often the case, when we see bad bosses in movies, suddenly our own work situation might not seem so bad. We put together a list of the most awful bosses to ever grace the silver screen.
be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

As is often the case, when we see bad bosses in movies, suddenly our own  work situation might not seem so bad. We put together a list of the most awful bosses to ever grace the silver screen.

Bill Lamberg, Office Space

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

Bill Lamberg is the archetype of an idiot boss who is nice to hate. The plot of the film is an excellent satire on the weekdays of a large office from the creator of Beavis and Butt-head. The main character is busy with monotonous, useless work. And Lamberg only teaches employees walking around the office with a cup of coffee. And his desire to control everything deprives employees of energy and harms the company.

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

Lesson: the attitude to you depends on how you treat employees. Be respectful and do not encroach on their personal time. And stop doing micromanagement: it doesn’t help people work better at all. To motivate a person, find his “red stapler” — what he wants most of all. So you can use the intrinsic motivation of a person

Miranda Priestley, The Devil Wears Prada

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

The plot is based on Andy, a journalist-beginner who gets a job in a prestigious fashion magazine. Its main editor is tyrannical Miranda. She does not tolerate objections, requires the impossible and complicates the life of employees every way. Demanding, capricious, sparing of  praise, Miranda does not explain anything and does not repeat her orders, but requires the assistants to remember everything that she needs.

Lesson: to impose fear on subordinates is not the best strategy in the long run. In the end, the best employees will be fed up with threats and rude treatment, and they will change jobs. And you should not give too vague directions. Give employees information to help them complete the task well.

Mark Zuckerberg, Social Network

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

You are sure to already know this story: while studying at Harvard, Zuckerberg creates a website with information about students by hacking a university database. While working on another project, he comes up with the concept of Facebook. Gradually, his plans for the site are becoming more ambitious, but in the process he has to sue and betray his friends.

Lesson: sometimes it’s not somebody who had the idea is important, but it’s who managed to realize it matters more. In the end, it was Zuckerberg who managed to create Facebook because he understood how to turn what he has into a service.

At the same time, in the film, Mark is portrayed as an arrogant and suspicious person who betrayed his friends in order to succeed. So do not forget: self-confidence will help survive difficulties, but excessive arrogance can cost not only money, but also loved ones.

John Milton, The Devil's Advocate

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

Who has not said at least once that his boss is the devil himself? In this film, it really is. Under the name of John Milton, he lures the young lawyer Kevin Lomax, who is no longer distinguished by firm moral principles, into his New York firm. And gradually Kevin, who used to strive only for mastery in his field, becomes ruthless and cruel.

Lesson: focus on your internal compass. Define clearly who you are and what is important to you, and do not let anyone and anything change it. And also remember: no matter how successful you become, a little humility will not hurt.

Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

On the surface, DiCaprio’s Belfort might seem like the best boss ever, at least to the young guys lined up to work for him. His entire boiler room team makes a small fortune and gets to party with drugs and prostitutes. It doesn’t exactly make for a healthy workplace culture, but even worse — it was all fueled by fraud, money laundering and illegal scams.

Margaret Tate, The Proposal

be-in-the-loop - Top 7 Worst Movie Bosses

Harassment in the workplace is bad enough, but imagine having a boss force you into marrying her in exchange for a promotion so she doesn’t get deported? That’s the plot of this film, and Bullock plays the cutthroat boss loathed by all so well that you actually believe Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) would be desperate enough to go along with it.

Thanos, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Final

Thanos is hard to beat. He has destroyed half of the living creatures in the world — such a cruel act will certainly make him a supervillain with megalomania. Moreover it will set against him all the superheroes who want to destroy him in the most epic way possible.

Lesson: tyrant bosses eventually discover that power is worthless when enough people want to push them aside.

However, positive lessons can be drawn from Thanos’s leadership style. He is focused on the goal, never deviates from the intended mission and is always ready to meet rivals in a personal battle. And Thanos certainly does not suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

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