Home » — HYIP for Crypto Community — HYIP for Crypto Community [HYIP] — Second Relaunch since 2020/09/05 [104%-220% After 1-30 Days] HYIP platform created in April 25, 2020. It had a pure sleeper template, but offer 104% after 1 Day from the start. Genesistrend worked as the sleeper about four and months. It was redesigned 13 days ago. The users see new template, but old investment offers nowadays.

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According to the website, the main target for the creating of investment platform is built of community of crypto enthusiasts — from newcomers to professional traders. The team receiving profit on cryptotrading and offers join their passive deposit plans. I never understand why successful traders need more money. They could just earn it.


I like read comments of HYIP investors in related forums. Sometimes this habit saves my money from fraud. According to analysis of other users, genesistrend does not pay for 4-5 months. It has paying status only a few weeks in April. This launch is an attempt to restart old project with new template. Relatively, it will be smart wait for 10-20 days before investing. This time need to score solvency of the project after the restart.

Invest in

The reason why this sleeper has paying status for a long time is a pure marketing strategy from the first day of launch. The admin placed the advertising only on single investment forum. All another promotion started from the redesign date.

The admin offers relatively low interest rate from 1% per day on the basic plan. It means not so fast generating of deposits, so genesistrend could work for another 30 days and more. It has many chances for this, but I cannot guarantee this.

Financial Part — Minimum Everyone Need to Know Before Opening a Deposit

After restart, there are such payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin.

Minimum amount to withdraw has no limits because of principal included. The user can receive ordered money for withdrawal within 12 business hours. Investment Offers

The plans were changed with new template. The current offers placed below:

OfferProfit per DayMin-Max Deposit
101% After 1 Day1%$ 20 - $ 500
110% After 5 Days2%$ 20 - $ 500
150% After 15 Days3.33%$ 20 - $ 500
220% After 30 Days4%$ 20 - $ 500

The investor can deposit more than $ 500. It is not rationally despite the bigger interest rate.

Affiliate Part

Any user can join affiliate program to earn additional income. The platform offers from 1% to 8% of referral reward. The reward rate based on referral’s chosen plan:

101% After 1 Day — 1%.​

110% After 5 Days — 2%.​

150% After 15 Days — 5%.​

220% After 30 Days — 8%.​

​The upline does not need an active deposit to receive the affiliate commission.

Features as Fast HYIP

Fast HYIP is an investment platform, which gives 1-4% after one day in first deposit offer. Such kind of programs pays 15-30 days as usual. To find potential term of future work of this HYIP the user could analyze some factors. Such factors raising the potential:

The admin offers a minimal 1% of interest rate for minimal deposit.

The platform has advertising on twenty monitors.

Such factors decreasing the potential:

This HYIP was restarted 13 days ago. It worked as a sleeper a few weeks in April this year. I do not understand how investors can deposit in HYIPs after second launch. It would be great if such HYIP has paying status all that time before redesign.

The minimal deposit amount is $ 20. The most long-paying HYIPs accepted $ 10 minimal investments.

IP was used in eight projects. It is not unique IP because of either this admin owned all eight HYIPs or he used cheap server to place his platform.

This HYIP could work about 30 days and more because of the total listed conditions.

Summary HYIP looks as second try to load the investment platform. This time the platform has not sleeper’s template. This platform can work up to 30 days from the relaunch and give 17% of the net profit. Anyway, the smart investors open deposit with amounts, which they could lose without issues.
  • Original template.
  • DDOS-Guard hosting.
  • DDOS-Guard DDoS-protection.
  • Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 24 Apr, 2020 to 25 Apr, 2021 - Sectigo Limited
  • Original IP from (Canada / Montreal).
  • Minimal amount to deposit is $ 20.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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