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Here you will find helpful information that you may need when investing online.

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The US Dollar as The Most Grandiose Ponzi Scheme (Part 1)

You know what money we use in everyday life is? All banknotes, bills and other paper “stuff” would have been normal colored paper, if mankind had not agreed to exchange them for anything; ...

be-in-the-loop - Bitcoin and MMM Ponzi Scheme

Bitcoin and MMM Ponzi Scheme

In mid-November when the Bitcoin rate got soared, all the world’s media started talking about Sergei Mavrodi, who, no less, stated that he could influence the rate. And, supposedly, if he should...

be-in-the-loop - Why Do Ponzi Scheme Creators Love Bitcoin?

Why Do Ponzi Scheme Creators Love Bitcoin?

History of Bitcoin is closely linked to the word Ponzi. In a certain way it is the history of several ill-conducted scams. This is not about the cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin enemies should no...

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (L to Z)

HYIPer’s Glossary (L to Z)

  This is the Part 2 of the “HYIPer’s Glossary” article. Read the Part 1. Laddering — purchasing bonds that mature at various intervals. This provides the invest...

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (A to I)

HYIPer’s Glossary (A to I)

  Account Balance — the balance of one’s current account inside a program (HYIP or other). These funds can be used to withdraw or to invest into program’s Investment Plans....

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