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Choose HYIPs easily! In this section you will find detailed reviews of online investment programs that will considerably simplify your choice.

hightwolf.com HYIP for Cryptocurrency Investors [1.2% for 15 Business Days, R.C. 3%-1%-0.3%-0.1%]

hightwolf.com HYIP — Quality Platform for Passive Income

hightwolf.com HYIP was created on 27th May 2020. According to the website, the Hightwolf company created after the appearance of Blockchain technology. At first, it was a closed VIP club for traders a...

2.7 Awful
comextrades.com HYIP From Experience Admin [1.50% DLY 20 business days, R.C. 5%-2%-1%]

comextrades.com HYIP After First Redesign

comextrades.com HYIP has been working since 22nd April, 2019 as a sleeper. It was redesigned on 18th January, 2020. It is about three months ago since the writing this review. The project had Paying s...

6.7 Fair
Opixt: Solidtradebank Analogy

Opixt HYIP: Solidtradebank Analogy

Opixt HYIP has been working since August 01, 2019. At first, it starts with a standard GoldCoders template. Admin didn’t spend money on a quality template. I checked deposit statistics: the inve...

4.2 Poor
lightassetsltd.com In Deep Sleeper’s Stage [1% DLY for 365 Business Days, 1% RC]

lightassetsltd.com: Bad Way to Enhance a Sleeper Template

lightassetsltd.com HYIP has been working since 23th July 2019. According to the website, lightassetsltd is a company with a team of traders and financial analysts. Admin gives a vague idea of the comp...

1.8 Horrendous
dollarbill.biz HYIP — One More Sleeper [2.1 WKLY For 100 Weeks, 0.5% RC]

dollarbill.biz HYIP — Reasons to Invest in Active Stage

dollarbill.biz HYIP has been working since 27th September 2015 as a project with sleeper design. I think earlier that a long term of HYIP’s work always means I will make a profit there. Tod...

2.8 Awful
citybuildtrade.com HYIP – The Simplest Template Solution [102% after 7 days + 1% RC]

citybuildtrade.com HYIP – One Of The Oldest HYIPs

citybuildtrade.com HYIP has been working since 24th February 2014. I found this project when searching for promising old HYIPs. Firstly, I think it has one-two listings on the monitors. Then I ch...

4.8 Poor
pf-7.com HYIP – An Old Admin Conquers New Paying Heights

pf-7.com HYIP – An Old Admin Conquers New Payment Heights

pf-7.com HYIP has been working since 14th November 2018 as a sleeper. The HYIP offers a low-interest plan. The user with minimal deposit can withdraw 10% on the profit after a month. It is not so...

4 Poor
medtech.biz HYIP — Interest Rates on Hold [0.15% daily for 150 days + 0.5% RC]

medtech.biz HYIP — Why Do We Need This Project in Our Portfolio?

medtech.biz HYIP website of this company was registered on December 12, 2018. The main page greets the user with a photo of smiling doctors and detailed information about the professional activities o...

4 Poor
Solidtradebank.com HYIP — Investments With Auto Portfolio Diversification

Solidtradebank.com HYIP — Investments With Auto Portfolio Diversification

Solidtradebank.com HYIP had been working since October 06, 2013. It is true!  Do you remember my yesterday review about the false stability of Passiverevshare? Both of these HYIPs were placed in ...

5.2 Average

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