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Here you will find blacklisted HYIPs – not paying or scams. Don’t invest in these projects!

bottrade.cc HYIP Review With Bonuses Description

Bitperfect.top HYIP Review [7% – 28% Daily Forever, R.C. 5% – 1%]

bitperfect.top is a long-term HYIP with return 7% – 28% daily forever. Launched on Dec 29, 2020 the project has a reliable technical part, attractive tariff plans, balanced affiliate marketing, ...

8.3 Great
dogebox.ltd HYIP — Stability Provided by Early Investors

dogebox.ltd HYIP — Stability Provided by Early Investors

dogebox.ltd  HYIP platform created on January 01, 2020. The first activity was noticed on October 30, 2020. Some monitors start posting reviews on the investment forums. According to the site, th...

6 Fair
hyip-scams - plazer.biz HYIP — Deposit to a Project with Excellent Marketing

plazer.biz HYIP — Deposit to a Project with Excellent Marketing

plazer.biz  HYIP platform started on October 21, 2020. The admin created a quality website, which reminds the popular stable project. The investors could also be receiving from 3% Daily, but the ...

7.3 Good
myhourlyforex.com HYIP With Impressive Period of Work [1.8% HRLY for 96 Hours + 1%-1% RC]

myhourlyforex.com HYIP Offers Instant Withdrawals Every Hour

myhourlyforex.com  HYIP launched on July 28, 2020. It is a fast term and mid interest investment platform. On the day of publishing this review, the admin paid about up to 90%-190% of the profit ...

6.3 Fair
deeptradebot.com HYIP with AI Trading Bot Template [0.562%-1.52% DLY for 30-90 days + 3-1.5-1% RC]

deeptradebot.com HYIP Offers Automated Trading

deeptradebot.com  HYIP has been paying since February 06, 2020. Automated trading tools (bots, robots, solutions) become more and more popular nowadays. According to the website, DeepTradeBot is ...

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dividendmarket.biz HYIP for x3.6 Profit

dividendmarket.biz HYIP platform launched on October 06, 2020. After three days after publishing this review, the first principle will be returned. After another three days, on October 21 the investor...

6.3 Fair
bit-robot.io [HYIP] — Second Relaunch since 2020/09/05 [0.5%-0.9% DLY up to 100% Profit]

bit-robot.io — HYIP with Upgraded Deposit Offers

bit-robot.io HYIP platform created on July 02, 2020. Investment offers of this platform are hard for newbies in the HYIP area. There is a high amount of minimal deposit. On the other hand, start with ...

5.3 Average
genesistrend.net [HYIP] — Second Relaunch since 2020/09/05 [104%-220% After 1-30 Days]

genesistrend.net — HYIP for Crypto Community

genesistrend.net HYIP platform created in April 25, 2020. It had a pure sleeper template, but offer 104% after 1 Day from the start. Genesistrend worked as the sleeper about four and months. It was re...

5 Average
lunainvestments.cc — HYIP with Live Chat

lunainvestments.cc — HYIP with Live Chat

lunainvestments.cc HYIP has been working since September 08, 2020. According to the website, the company receives profit from trading activity. Good investment strategy provides stable income for part...

6.3 Fair

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