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HYIP Scams

Here you will find blacklisted HYIPs – not paying or scams. Don’t invest there!

hyip-scams - ForexParadise (SCAM) Review

ForexParadise (SCAM) Review

ForexParadise is a long-term HYIP that was launched in February 2014. Currently, the HYIP has three investment plans for 154 — 365 days. ForexParadise technical part, quality site design, invest...

hyip-scams - Owy (SCAM!) Review

Owy (SCAM!) Review

Owy is a mid-interest HYIP that positions itself as a global assets exchange. Launched January 31, 2016, OWY offers flexible investment plans with good management of the website. Now let’s ...

hyip-scams - Agilital (SCAM)Review

Agilital (SCAM)Review

In this article we will consider a mid-term HYIP Agilital which is a subject of special interest for many investors. Launched on April 12, 2016, it is  a fairly recent project by the mid-term HYI...

hyip-scams - MegaTraders (SCAM!) Review

MegaTraders (SCAM!) Review

MegaTraders is new short- and mid-term HYIP with the yield of 3% daily to 90% after 60 calendar days, which varies depending on the chosen investment plan. The HYIP was launched few month ago — ...

hyip-scams - Pokemoney (SCAM!) Review

Pokemoney (SCAM!) Review

Pokemoney is short- and mid-term HYIP from admin who is well known from well-proven fast ChokoPalace.biz. Quality site design, license script, high-end technical part combined with good marketing...

Yieldfinance Limited

Yieldfinance Limited (SCAM!) Review

Yieldfinance is a short- and mid-term HYIP with the return up to 45% monthly. Launched on April 17, 2016, the HYIP has a reliable technical part, wide variety of tariff plans, a quality site design, a...

hyip-scams - OilParadise (SCAM!) Review

OilParadise (SCAM!) Review

It is not a secret, that in summer HYIP industry falls into a deep sleep. Some projects still work out well and give investors the opportunity to get a plus. OilParadise, a mid-term HYIP that was laun...

hyip-scams - Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

Cryptonus.com is a new mid-term HYIP with the yield of 110% after 2 weeks to 150 % after 4 weeks. Launched on 7 March 2016, the HYIP offers in total 9 investment plans — three plans per 2, 3 and...

hyip-scams - SalyPay (SCAM!) Review

SalyPay (SCAM!) Review

SalyPay is an online payment system provider with investing opportunity. SalyPay creators has done their best and combined classic investing opportunity with appearance of e-wallet.We’re not goi...

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