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Here you will find blacklisted HYIPs – not paying or scams. Don’t invest there!

OccianTrade com — Asian Traders Work for Your Better Future From 2018/07/30 [at least 3.5% Daily Return]
7.8 Good
FASTRMO COM — Amazing Global Trading Company From 2018/05/10 [at least 4% Daily Return]

FASTRMO COM (SCAM) — Passive Forex Trading With Guaranteed Profit

FASTRMO has been working since May 10, 2018 as sleeper. According to the site, developers register FASTRMO LTD in UK with 11437196 number. It is the best trading company. It use innovative tools for a...

9.8 Amazing
PublicPrime biz (PAYING) — Improvement of the Sleeper
7.3 Good
Bitcoin-Box io — High-Interest Project With Only One Offer From Aug 07, 2018

Bitcoin-Box io (SCAM) — High-Interest Project With Only One Offer From Aug 07, 2018

Bitcoin-Box was started on Aug 07, 2018. According to the site, the team of developers creates financial service that accrues interest on the deposit. There is no information about sources of their in...

7.7 Good
NitroForex io (PAYING) — Fast HYIP Project With 5% Min Net Profit From Jul 14, 2018
9.5 Amazing
Ico London com (PAYING) — an Original Idea for Money Daydreams of Young HYIPers

Ico London com — Pseudo Investment Vehicle With Two Ways for Deposit

Increased borrowing must be matched by increased ability to repay.  Otherwise we aren’t expanding the economy, we’re merely puffing it up.   – Henry C. Alexander Ico L...

8.2 Great
AlfaUnion — a Great Day for Early Investors and Hope not Go Out

AlfaUnion — Partisan Restart After SCAM 2018/04/23 and Renewal of Payments

HYIP AlfaUnion (alfaunion.biz) started from 4 April 2018 with a standard design and a non-licensed script. People marked it like as partisan and made either bookmarks or test deposits. The project wor...

6.3 Fair
Sport-stake — Just Invest, it's not a Mistake — no Bets

Sport-stake — They Only Make Bets From 2018/03/12

Sport-stake has been working since 12 March 2018. According to the site, the company makes sports bets and take profit. Their team consists of experts in both sport and economics. Payments depend on s...

8 Great
Forex Sky HYIP

FOREXSKY — Effective Strategy for Victory Over the Project

ForexSky has been working since May 5, 2018. This is a high-interest HYIP with the possibility to receive up to 3000% of the profit per month, including the deposit. To be able to invest into a projec...

9.2 Amazing

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