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Here you will find blacklisted HYIPs – not paying or scams. Don’t invest in these projects!

game-randomly.com HYIP in The Bonus Part [0.5%-5% DLY + 5% RC]

game-randomly.com HYIP With Gambling Template

game-randomly.com HYIP has been working since 25th April 2019. The HYIP designed as a simple gambling website. It gives accruals on the amount, which the user has on the active balance. According...

2.5 Awful
invexpert.biz HYIP – Experienced Investor’s Review [104% After 1 Day + 5% RC]

invexpert.biz HYIP – SCAM or Legit?

invexpert.biz HYIP has been working since 24th October 2019. It was a sleeper for three months with 1.2% Daily for 120 days. Early investors could receive 142.8% of the profit and continue receiv...

7.3 Good
bityoung.net HYIP – Sleeper’s Biography Included in Review
6 Fair
genesistrade.fund HYIP – Mid-Term Game With A Promoter’s Big Reward [112%-300% After 1-8 Weeks + 10% RC]

genesistrade.fund – SCAM With a Nautical Theme Design

genesistrade.fund HYIP has been working since September 19, 2019. According to the website, the GenesisTrade Fund created the AI-based trade bot. These bots controlling 70% of the investment busi...

5.8 Average
abstrend.net HYIP With Simple, But Original Design

abstrend.net SCAM With Simple, But Original Design

abstrend.net HYIP has been working since 15th January 2020. Firstly, I like the real financial statistic placed on the main page. The investor always can see how much deposited the last ten users...

6.7 Fair
stablecryptocapital.com HYIP – Longer Term Means Higher Profit [104% After 1 Day + 5% RC]

stablecryptocapital.com HYIP – Fast Accruals in Mid-Term Withdrawals

stablecryptocapital.com HYIP has been working since on 15th December 2019, so it pays about a month on the date of publishing this review. I see information about redesign one day ago, but nothin...

6.7 Fair
gissis.com HYIP With Long-Term Strategy [1.4% Daily For 5 Business Days + 4.2% - 1.7% - 0.7% RC]

gissis.com SCAM – Popular Bounty’s Template Review

gissis.com HYIP website appeared on 29th October 2019. It is a large-functionality project with bounty rewards and G-points bonus program. According to the website, Gissis holding company not only buy...

6.2 Fair
longinvest.biz HYIP With Long-Term Strategy [1% Daily For 20 Business Days + 6% - 1% - 1% RC]

longinvest.biz SCAM – Info From Sleeper to Redesigned Stage

longinvest.biz HYIP site was created on 07th December 2018 as a sleeper without good design. It has a redesign on 06th November 2019. It was sixty-nine days from the moment of writing this review...

8 Great
bottrade.cc HYIP Review With Bonuses Description

bottrade.cc HYIP Review With Bonuses Description

bottrade.cc HYIP website created on 25th December 2019. According to its website, Bottrade is a fully automated platform for cryptocurrency trading. I don’t see any information about compan...

5.8 Average

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