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Not Paying status is assigned to projects that don’t make payouts within the given time-frame, i.e the withdrawal request processing time specified in a HYIP FAQ section.

helen.life HYIP — A Unique Piggy Bank

helen.life HYIP — A Unique Piggy Bank

helen HYIP has been working since 18th February 2020. According to the website, Helen company deals with cryptocurrency mixing services through the anonymous TOR network. The company’s cust...

3 Bad
anterius.net HYIP — Withdraw a Principal in Any Time

anterius.net SCAM — Withdraw a Principal in Any Time

anterius.net HYIP has been working since 02nd February 2020. The project provides a fast-term offer with a good 4% daily income. Investors will be surprised to notice an opportunity to withdraw t...

6.5 Fair
game-randomly.com HYIP in The Bonus Part [0.5%-5% DLY + 5% RC]

game-randomly.com HYIP With Gambling Template

game-randomly.com HYIP has been working since 25th April 2019. The HYIP designed as a simple gambling website. It gives accruals on the amount, which the user has on the active balance. According...

2.5 Awful
invexpert.biz HYIP – Experienced Investor’s Review [104% After 1 Day + 5% RC]

invexpert.biz HYIP – SCAM or Legit?

invexpert.biz HYIP has been working since 24th October 2019. It was a sleeper for three months with 1.2% Daily for 120 days. Early investors could receive 142.8% of the profit and continue receiv...

7.3 Good
bityoung.net HYIP – Sleeper’s Biography Included in Review
6 Fair
genesistrade.fund HYIP – Mid-Term Game With A Promoter’s Big Reward [112%-300% After 1-8 Weeks + 10% RC]

genesistrade.fund – SCAM With a Nautical Theme Design

genesistrade.fund HYIP has been working since September 19, 2019. According to the website, the GenesisTrade Fund created the AI-based trade bot. These bots controlling 70% of the investment busi...

5.8 Average
abstrend.net HYIP With Simple, But Original Design

abstrend.net SCAM With Simple, But Original Design

abstrend.net HYIP has been working since 15th January 2020. Firstly, I like the real financial statistic placed on the main page. The investor always can see how much deposited the last ten users...

6.7 Fair
stablecryptocapital.com HYIP – Longer Term Means Higher Profit [104% After 1 Day + 5% RC]

stablecryptocapital.com HYIP – Fast Accruals in Mid-Term Withdrawals

stablecryptocapital.com HYIP has been working since on 15th December 2019, so it pays about a month on the date of publishing this review. I see information about redesign one day ago, but nothin...

6.7 Fair
longinvest.biz HYIP With Long-Term Strategy [1% Daily For 20 Business Days + 6% - 1% - 1% RC]

longinvest.biz SCAM – Info From Sleeper to Redesigned Stage

longinvest.biz HYIP site was created on 07th December 2018 as a sleeper without good design. It has a redesign on 06th November 2019. It was sixty-nine days from the moment of writing this review...

8 Great

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