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[ICO] LTO Network — Amazing Blockchain for B2B Equal Footing Collaborating Jan 14, 2019 [Whitepaper]

LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains

LTO Network ICO created for the collaboration of work processes between different departments or organizations. The solution offered by the project team will allow each side of the workflow to use out...

7.4 Good
[PreICO]/[ICO] Kayocredits — The Best Opportunity For Gamers' Promising Investment

KayoCredits — Good Way to Earn Money For Those Who Play Computer Games

Kayocredits ICO allows players to spend their time making money. It monetizes their activity. How does it work? Participants set up their game profiles to use the platform for asset trading. Kayo cred...

6.2 Fair
Boomstarter network. The next leap in developing of crowdfunding

Boomstarter Network. The Next Leap in Developing of Crowdfunding

The brand new platform for getting money to make your project live based on the blockchain and designed by the biggest crowdfunding service in Eastern Europe.

8.6 Great

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