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pf-7.com HYIP – An Old Admin Conquers New Paying Heights

pf-7.com HYIP – An Old Admin Conquers New Payment Heights

pf-7.com HYIP has been working since 14th November 2018 as a sleeper. The HYIP offers a low-interest plan. The user with minimal deposit can withdraw 10% on the profit after a month. It is not so...

4 Poor
gissis.com HYIP With Long-Term Strategy [1.4% Daily For 5 Business Days + 4.2% - 1.7% - 0.7% RC]

gissis.com HYIP – Popular Bounty’s Template Review

gissis.com HYIP website appeared on 29th October 2019. It is a large-functionality project with bounty rewards and G-points bonus program. According to the website, Gissis holding company not only buy...

6.2 Fair
longinvest.biz HYIP With Long-Term Strategy [1% Daily For 20 Business Days + 6% - 1% - 1% RC]

longinvest.biz HYIP – Info From Sleeper to Redesigned Stage

longinvest.biz HYIP site was created on 07th December 2018 as a sleeper without good design. It has a redesign on 06th November 2019. It was sixty-nine days from the moment of writing this review...

8 Great
centurytrust.com HYIP With Good and Bad Sides [3.5% Weekly For 30 Days + 2% RC]

centurytrust.com HYIP – Most Detailed Review Investor Can Receive

centurytrust.com HYIP website registered on November 30, 2017. According to their website, Century Trust LTD is a financial corporation in microfinance global area. They cooperate with microfinance or...

4.7 Poor
medtech.biz HYIP — Interest Rates on Hold [0.15% daily for 150 days + 0.5% RC]

medtech.biz HYIP — Why Do We Need This Project in Our Portfolio?

medtech.biz HYIP website of this company was registered on December 12, 2018. The main page greets the user with a photo of smiling doctors and detailed information about the professional activities o...

2.3 Awful
WealthyCrypto.biz HYIP — Mining Altcoins For Investors Success

WealthyCrypto.biz HYIP — Mining Altcoins For Investors Success

WealthyCrypto.biz HYIP started on July 13, 2019. According to the site, the project team has long been engaged in trading cryptocurrencies. They have gone from manual trading on popular exchanges to c...

6 Fair
[ICO] NuCypher — a Potential Analogue to Google Cloud KMS

NuCypher ICO — Blockchain’s Protection of Corporate Correspondence

NuCypher ICO presented a demo version on GitHub. The development team creates a service for encrypting the transfer of all elements of corporate correspondence. Existing products of such competitors a...

8.8 Great

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