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High-interest HYIPs

In this section you will find detailed reviews of high-interest HYIPs – programs with the yield of 60% per month, or from 2.5% to 3% per day and above.  

MainRobots.com - Open Admin Hides for New Investors

MainRobots.com SCAM – Open Admin Hides for New Investors

MainRobots.com has been working as a sleeping project since October 30, 2018. Despite the long period of work (about 100 days), the project existed with a very low percentage, so early investors were ...

5.7 Average
OccianTrade com — Asian Traders Work for Your Better Future From 2018/07/30 [at least 3.5% Daily Return]
7.8 Good
Sport-stake — Just Invest, it's not a Mistake — no Bets

Sport-stake — They Only Make Bets From 2018/03/12

Sport-stake has been working since 12 March 2018. According to the site, the company makes sports bets and take profit. Their team consists of experts in both sport and economics. Payments depend on s...

8 Great
Forex Sky HYIP

FOREXSKY — Effective Strategy for Victory Over the Project

ForexSky has been working since May 5, 2018. This is a high-interest HYIP with the possibility to receive up to 3000% of the profit per month, including the deposit. To be able to invest into a projec...

9.2 Amazing
CryptoAnt — amazing team trade in currency and investors get money

CryptoAnt — easy passive currency trading

4.7 Poor
DDFUTURES — project with a great inspiration for the future

DDFUTURES (SCAM) is a legendary investment company with diversified portfolios of stocks

Period 10 days Minimum $ 10 Maximum $ 10 000 Profit Principal 2,1% daily RETURN

8.7 Great
hyip-scams - ALTMINER.IO (SCAM) Review


ALTMINER.IO Today we have a presentation of Altminer project review. The company was founded in 2015. Despite the fact that this project was launched just recently in March 2018, this project, as we s...

hyip-scams - BIT-RELIABILITY (SCAM) Review


BIT-RELIABILITY is a finance project, wich is based on legal company, registered in the UK providing its investment services to the members all around the world. Bit-Reliability was one of the first c...

hyip-scams - The Rise of Finance (PROBLEM) Review

The Rise of Finance (PROBLEM) Review

Hey there! You, yes, you, I’m talking to you, come here) Let me show you new project we have:The Rise of Finance is 2-months-old HYIP. The legend says we deal with Forex traders. OK, sounds good...

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