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Does HYIP Summer not Warm You?

Do you miss the summer heat? We have three solar and heating HYIP.

Ico London com (PAYING) — an Original Idea for Money Daydreams of Young HYIPers

Ico London com — Pseudo Investment Vehicle With Two Ways for Deposit

Increased borrowing must be matched by increased ability to repay.  Otherwise we aren’t expanding the economy, we’re merely puffing it up.   – Henry C. Alexander Ico L...

8.2 Great
hyip-scams - Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

Renaissance Invest (SCAM) Review

Renaissance Invest is a mid-term HYIP with the yield 1,6-2,0% daily for 180 days. Launched in January 2017, the program passed several cycles before its recent upgrade. Renaissance Invest&nb...

hyip-scams - Atomic Horizons (SCAM) Review

Atomic Horizons (SCAM) Review

Atomic Horizons is a mid-term HYIP that has recently been completely upgraded including new site design, more profitable investment offer and many other features that will be considered in this review...

hyip-scams - Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

Bitpetite (SCAM) Review

Bitpetite is a new cryptocurrency-operated HYIP which commenced its operation on May 30. The program offers two tariff plans with the yield 147% and 180% for 6 and 9 weeks respectively. Besides profit...

hyip-scams - Castle Investment (SCAM) Review

Castle Investment (SCAM) Review

Castle Investment  is another mid-term HYIP which offers an effective way of earning during the summer decline in the industry. Launched on July 13, the program has two tariff plans with the retu...

hyip-scams - Grand-industrial (SCAM) Review

Grand-industrial (SCAM) Review

Grand-industrial is a new mid-interest HYIP appeared on monitoring sites about a week ago. The program can boast attractive tariff plans, profitable affiliate program, reliable technical part, and goo...

hyip-scams - SonarTrade (SCAM) Review

SonarTrade (SCAM) Review

SonarTrade is a recent high interest short- and mid-term HYIP which offers of 103% to 3000% returns. Launched on April 27, the HYIP has a reliable technical part, high-end site design, good promotion,...

hyip-scams - Bit-monster (SCAM) Review

Bit-monster (SCAM) Review

Bit-monster is new Bitcoin operated HYIP with the yield 1% daily after 30 days. Launched on May 1 this year, the project has been trouble-free for month and managed to complete its first cycle with gr...

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