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hyip-scams - GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

GlobalCryptoBot (SCAM) Review

GlobalCryptoBot is newly launched Telegram based Bitcoin operated HYIP with the yield of 160% after 40 days. Based on available data, it took almost 5 years to develop the unique bot for Bitcoin onlin...

hyip-scams - Ace of Taste Limited (SCAM) Review

Ace of Taste Limited (SCAM) Review

Ace of Taste Limited is undoubtedly one of the most promising and tasty investment projects. Every detail of the HYIP was certainly done tastefully and at the highest professional level. Besides the w...

hyip-scams - Axiscrude (SCAM) Review

Axiscrude (SCAM) Review

March-April is a good time for successful investing as more and more HYIPs appear in the market to the great joy of investors. One of such projects is Axiscrude which commenced its operation just a fe...

hyip-scams - TheFunction Review

TheFunction Review

TheFunction is a relatively new HYIP with the yield of 3.3% daily. Launched on April 18, the investment program may well become a long-running project. Attractive tariff plan, reliable technical ...

hyip-scams - RentEx (SCAM) Review

RentEx (SCAM) Review

Since its launching on April 5, RentEx, a new and very promising mid-term HYIP, has become a subject of special interest for many investors. This is not surprising as the project has a high-quality we...

hyip-scams - Detron (SCAM) Review

Detron (SCAM) Review

Detron is a relatively new HYIP which positions itself as a company occupying stable positions in real estate investment market. Launched on February 27, the project has a high-quality website, r...

hyip-scams - BiksBit (SCAM) Review

BiksBit (SCAM) Review

BiksBit is a stable and actively developing mid-term HYIP with a noble way of earning — investing in gems. Launched almost exactly one year ago, the project has proven its vitality and continues...

hyip-scams - Hashdime (SCAM) Review

Hashdime (SCAM) Review

Launched on March 9, Hashdime has become a subject of special interest for many investors. This is easily understandable: the HYIP has a high-quality website coupled with reliable technical part, attr...

hyip-scams - Oil-target (SCAM) Review

Oil-target (SCAM) Review

Oil-target is another one short- and mid-term project, launched in the wake of the springtime awakening of HIYP industry. The HYIP began its work just a few days ago, on 3 April. Oil-target has a reli...

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